Angel Food Cake Frosting Recipe

In the 70s betty crocker had a recipe in one of her cookbooks where you made chocolate angel food cake then cut the top off and scooped out some of the middle. Angel food cake or angel cake is a type of sponge cake made with egg whites flour and sugar.

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A whipping agent such as cream of tartar is commonly added.

Angel food cake frosting recipe. This three ingredient recipe is delicious and so very easy due to the use of a cake mix and canned pineapple and whipped cream dessert topping. 7 minute frosting alone wins top honors from me in the category of cake topping. Theres a reason angel food cake is a favorite dessert its tender light as air and tastes well divine.

Light and fluffy angel food cake filled to bursting with fresh strawberry mousse offers creamy clouds of berry goodness. A light spongey angel food cake topped with lemon cream cheese frosting makes the prettiest centerpiece for your next party. Whats more its virtually fat free and uses just six ingredients.

The best angel food cake frosting recipes on yummly angel food cake churro bites with cream cheese frosting fluffy angel food cake delight with fresh berries ice cream cinnamon buns. It really is one of the best angel food cake recipes ive found. Gooey melty and mounded like a poof of sweet air this frosting makes me giddy.

Serve just out of the freezer for a cool and creamy summer treat. For our daughters wedding a friend made this lovely airy cake from a recipe shes used for decades. Bake alton browns light airy angel food cake from good eats on food network then serve the prepared cake with whipped cream and berries.

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