Mini Bundt Cake Recipes Chocolate

This recipe is number five of our twelve treats inspired by the classic holiday tune twelve days of christmas we garnished these mini chocolate bundt cakes with delicate flakes of gold leaf to create five golden rings. As time goes on and i come across more mouth watering mini bundt cake recipes i will add them to this collection.

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Chocolate Bundt Cake Recipe

This mini chocolate bundt cake is tender moist and insanely delicious.

Mini bundt cake recipes chocolate. Its the perfect dessert for your family brunch. See im a normal person or as normal and someone who makes their living by photographing food and travel destinations can be. Irresistably moist and rich these individual size mini bundt cakes are made with lots of ghirardelli chocolate chips and glazed with chocolate.

I have mini bundt cake recipes with chocolate spices fruits alcohol and so much more. Bundt cakes happen to be one of my favorite types of cakes because they are beyond moist rich and divine. Alternatively if you have a mini bundt pan and just want to make the 6 mini bundt cakes cut all the ingredients portions in half.

I know you guys are probably used to my crazy recipes by now but today were keeping things simple. This mini chocolate bundt cake is half the size of a regular bundt cake but still technically six servings if you go by the fda guidelinesso i suggest that you dont. This is why todays recipe is so perfect because i took a delicious bundt cake and scaled it down to personal sized cakes.

This recipe will make 6 mini bundt cakes one round 8 or 9 cake or one 10 bundt cake. The best mini chocolate bundt cakes recipes on yummly mini chocolate bundt cakes chocolate stout mini bundt cakes mini chocolate bundt cake. I love these bite size mini bundt cakes with a big mouth they are gone with the blink of an eye well and for all the others maybe in two bites no matter how you eat them they are really delicious.

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